Hello, Ann Arbor

You really think this is the Cambridge of the Midwest? So where are the three-deckers? Back porches? Clothes lines? The candy factories and machine shops? How come you never hear Portuguese from Cape Verde, Spanish from Puerto Rico or English from the Bahamas on Ann Arbor streets?

You have Cambridge confused with Harvard Yard. Just like you have Earth confused with Academia. But Harvard University, like Academia International, could not exist without the working people of East Cambridge and East Earth. It there were no poor people around the world to make every damn thing you own, where would you get all your stuff? If there were no people to create the profits and pay the taxes, where would corporations, foundations and governments get the money to give you grants?

No, Ann Arbor is not a replica of Cambridge, but an imitation of one thin slice of that real city, an upper crust that couldn’t survive without the support of working people.

So, if Ann Arborites are so smart, why don’t they understand that?

My explanation for their ignorance: Ann Arbor homes have no back porches, therefore no clotheslines, therefore no way to do laundry. So everyone has to go around with their noses in the air and they don’t see the rest of the world.


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