From goldenrod blossoms to political rage

I’m trying to learn how to send posts consisting of text and photo put together in an Evernote note to my blog in WordPress. Have attached a picture of goldenrod I took last summer on one of the rare days when the temperature wasn’t impossibly hot and I could enjoy a walk. The side of the two-rut road past the third limerock pit at my place was dense with blooms, probably in response to recent rain. The drought was supposedly past, but the water level in the pits was about as low as I’d ever seen it. Now, after six months more of decent rainfall, the water level has dropped even more.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District, fondly known as “Swiftmud,” does not publish aquifer levels on its website, but does provide information to the US Geological Survey for 2008, which publishes it. Since no other years are shown, residents in my part of Levy County can’t know what’s happening to the water under our feet without making calls to Tampa and being put on hold.

The Suwannee River Water Management District does give maps for three years, 2002, 2005, and 2009, that indicate no change in the waterflow region where I live. This limited data hardly shows historical trends and the most recent, 2009, is four and a half years old.

How can residents participate in any kind of democratic decision-making without information?

Damnation! This post was intended only as a test of a software function. Now I’m mad at the agencies that are supposed to be taking care of our water. Now I’m really determined to learn how to do this blogging business effectively so I can help get out the information. If you know of easily accessible information on aquifer levels, please leave a comment.

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